Coco Before Chanel

Coco Before Chanel Release Date: September 25, 2009

A little girl who is sent with her sister to an orphanage in the heart of France, who waits in vain every Sunday for her father to come for her…A cabaret performer with a weak voice who sings to an audience of drunken soldiers… A humble seamstress, who stitches hems at the back of a provincial tailor’s shop… A young, skinny courtesan, to whom protector Etienne Balsan offers a safe haven, amongst the idle and decadent… A woman in love who knows she will never be anyone’s wife, refusing marriage even to Boy Capel, the man who returned her love… A rebel who finds the conventions of her time oppressive, and instead dresses in her lovers’ clothes…

The movie “Coco Before Chanel” is the story of Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, who began her life as headstrong orphan, and through an extraordinary journey became the legendary couturier who embodied the modern woman and became a timeless symbol of success, freedom and style. The film portrays the formative years of Chanel’s life, the years of Chanel spent discovering and inventing herself.

Starring: Alessandro NivolaAudrey TautouEmmanuelle DevosRoch LeiboviciBenoît PoelvoordeEtienne BartholomeusRégis RoyerMarie GillainFabien BéharYan Duffas
Genres: BiographyDrama
Directed By: Anne Fontaine
Runtime: 105 minutes
Studio: SPC
Total Box Office: 6.1 MIL
MPAA Rating PG-13