Catch And Release

Catch And Release Release Date: January 26, 2007

Gray Wheeler (Jennifer Garner) thought she had life all figured out: the perfect job, the perfect city (Boulder, Colorado), and best of all, Grady, the perfect fiancé. However, in life, nothing is perfect: the day that was supposed to be their wedding day instead becomes Grady’s funeral. At the memorial, Gray is comforted by Grady’s closest friends: cheerful Sam (Kevin Smith) and responsible Dennis (Sam Jaeger). When she leaves the reception for a few minutes alone, her private moment is interrupted as Grady’s childhood buddy from L.A., Fritz (Timothy Olyphant), bursts in and, thinking the room is empty, seduces the event caterer. Gray, justifiably piqued, blurts, “How could he have been friends with you? You’re everything he hated.” After the memorial, Gray realizes that she can no longer afford the house she and Grady rented. Sam and Dennis take her in, feeling a responsibility to take care of their pal’s fiancé… but to Gray’s chagrin, she finds that the boys have also offered a bed to Fritz. As Gray closes Grady’s accounts, she finds one she never knew existed: a large one – containing about a million dollars. Grady was loaded… but that wasn’t the only secret Grady kept from his fiancé. He was also sending the interest on that account – $3,000 a month – to a woman in L.A. Gray manages to pull the details out of Fritz: Grady had a one-time affair, before he met Gray, with a massage therapist named Maureen. The result of that one night, says Fritz, is a seven-year-old boy named Mattie. Gray is devastated to learn that Grady never trusted her enough to tell her about his son. While Gray struggles to come to terms with this new information about the man she loved, relationships in the house become strained, as both Sam and Dennis take refuge in their vices in order to cope with the loss. Sam eats and drinks too much, missing time at work, while workaholic Dennis pours an unhealthy amount of energy into creating a Peace Garden for Grady. Further complicating matters, Maureen shows up in Boulder with three-and-a-half-year-old Mattie – not the seven-year-old that Fritz said he’d be. Gray pieces together the truth: Grady slept with Maureen several times while he was seeing Gray. Gray feels deceived, not only by Grady, who cheated on her, but also by Fritz – though she appreciates that he would try to protect her from the news. Despite the confusion and anger, they all want to get to know Grady’s son… and with that, the house adds two more. Despite the fact that he kept such an important secret from her – or maybe because he protected her from it so well – Gray is confused to find her feelings for Fritz growing stronger… and that night, she begins a secret affair with him, creeping back into her own room before her roommates catch her. Bewildered and freaked out by what she’s done, Gray is left to sort out her desires and fears alone. As tensions between everyone in the house grow, Dennis lets it slip that he has been in love with Gray… but as Gray doesn’t return his affections, Dennis is left humiliated – and with only his work on the Peace Garden to turn to for solace. Meanwhile, Gray continues to keep her affair with Fritz a secret and struggles to admit that he knew her fiancé better than she did. Though the days since Grady’s death have not been easy, all those who loved him learn to come to terms in their own ways. Sam begins a relationship with Maureen, becoming an unlikely but stable rock for the single mother. Dennis, proud of what he’s built in the Peace Garden, finds solace after all. And Gray learns to accept that Grady was not the perfect man she thought he was, that Fritz is not the self-centered playboy she thought he was, and that life is not something to be planned, but caught as it comes – “Catch And Release.”

Starring: Jennifer GarnerTimothy OlyphantKevin SmithJuliette LewisFiona ShawSam JaegerJoshua FriesenChristopher RedmanGeorgia CraigTina Lifford
Genres: ComedyDramaRomance
Directed By: Susannah Grant
Runtime: 112 minutes
Studio: Sony
MPAA Rating PG-13